Why SnapRoute?

  • Distributed cloud deployments don’t need bloated, rigid and expensive monolithic network operating systems.
  • Companies need a network operating system that delivers against the unique requirements of the edge.
  • Snaproute delivers a containerized, microservices based Cloud Native Network Operating System (CN-NOS) with embedded Kubernetes. This enables customers to deploy and manage their networks with DevOps toolchains, in addition to traditional means (e.g. CLI); unifying infrastructure to the same operating model, enabling CI/CD for infrastructure, and saving companies up to 50% versus legacy vendor systems.
  • Adjust configurations and upgrade features in real-time without downtime requirements
  • Surgically replace only vulnerable services without maintenance windows
Unified Kubernetes Management
  • Utilize Kubernetes to manage containers on individual network elements and as the network fabric orchestrator
  • Distributed control and data planes with standard protocols. No requirement for centralized controller.
  • Leverage native DevOps toolchains to automate and control network attributes that support rapid application roll out
Software Redundancy And Flexible Footprint
  • Address unique edge physical requirements (e.g. limited space, unmanned, remote) with software redundancy and deployment of only the services required
  • Remove, not just disable, unused services to reduce security exposure and threat surface of network operating system
Innovate Software Economics
  • Break the decades old industry cost paradigm with pricing that saves up to 50% versus legacy system vendors

SnapRoute Innovation

Containerized Microservices Architecture

Immutable infrastructure, hitless updates, and reduced security vulnerabilities

Optimized, Embedded Kubernetes

Native support eliminates the need for bolt-ons and plug-ins

Real-time Telemetry

More data in a timely manner leads to better insight into true network health and performance

Object Specific Monitoring

Leverages Kubernetes “watch” mechanism to reduce “time to innocence”

Innovative Cloud Native CLI

Provides industry standard network-focused CLI to bridge the gap between NetOps and DevOps

Helpful Resources

It’s Time For A Better Network

Snaproute is delivering the long promised benefits of disaggregated networking – driving down network price points, empowering companies with more control to innovate independent of network vendors, and enabling rapid and efficient application deployment and operations.

SnapRoute Solution Brief

This solution brief provides an overview of the current networking industry financial and technical challenges and how Snaproute’s Cloud Native Network Operating System is breaking the architectural and economic status quo.

SnapRoute Technical Whitepaper

This whitepaper provides a detailed overview of the architecture of SnapRoute’s Cloud Native Network Operating System (CN-NOS) and also discusses the technology building blocks and key design elements required to bring networking natively into the Cloud Native era.

CN-NOS Data Sheet

This data sheet will tell you all about CN-NOS and its features.

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